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How Good is Home Security System without Security Cameras
By Marian Rozwenc, PhD
A home security system is a proven deterrent to intruders. Home security is an issue that we all need to give some considerable thought. There are plenty of things that can be done to ensure home Read more...

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Make Money From A Home Based Business Opportunity
By Leonard Bartholomew
Making money is what everyone hopes to achieve when starting a home based business. But if you are not willing to work at it everyday until the business takes off, you may not see the profits that Read more...

Do You Have a Mobile Home Remodeling Idea?
By Remy Jirek
What is your mobile home remodeling idea? Do you want to create a deck or remodel your kitchen cabinets? Perhaps you are dying to repair your bathroom or design your dream back yard? No matter what Read more...

Home Loan Interest Rates vs. Mortgage Interest Rates
By Serdar Pala
If you are interested in buying a home, you do have options. Many people opt to get a mortgage, but did you know, your bank may also offer home loans? Take into consideration the Read more...

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Why you Need a Power Rack if you Plan to Lift Weights at Home
By Ben Clemons
It seems that everyone I know that likes to lift weights, has a gym membership. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. I myself have a gym membership and enjoy going to the gym frequently. However, there are many days where it is a big inconvenience for me to have to get out and drive to the gym. Like many bodybuilders, I have a gym bag and certain gym clothes that I have to prepare before I can even leave. That includes supplements and my post workout shake. Well how does somebody get around this inconvenience on those certain days? In this article I plan to tell you just that.

The answer is to bring the gym home! Simply purchase a gym of some type that you can use any time of the day. There are many benefits to owning a gym. One benefit is having the freedom to blast your stereo as loud as you want (unless you have restrictions where you live, but still a benefit none the less). Having the stereo pumping at definitely helps motivate me through some of the toughest workouts. Also, many bodybuilders when first starting out are somewhat self conscious, and feel they have to lift heavier than they should when being watched. When lifting at home, it is easier for a beginner to meet personal bests every week, which in return makes for better quality muscle gains. Yet, another benefit that comes to mind is quick access to a shower without having to use

a public one (which I hate!).
So with all the different types of gyms out there, what type should you get? Don't get me wrong, there are many different quality gyms out there that will produce great results. However, if you are deep into bodybuilding like I am, then you should know there is only one answer to this question. Get a power rack! A power rack has everything you need, and doesn't take up much room at all. In fact, my power rack allows me to do exercises that my gym doesn't. For some reason my gym doesn't have a power rack, but rather a smythe machine (which uses guides to control the movement of the weights). As any true bodybuilder will tell you, there are three exercises that are practically manditory if you plan to gain any mass. These exercises are squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Power racks allow you to use free weights for all these exercises, and it takes only a minute to switch which exercise you are doing. The best benefit of all however, is the safety pins. These allow you to go as heavy as you want when doing squats or bench press without a spotter. I am yet to think of one negative aspect of owning a power rack.
So, if you plan on purchasing a gym please make sure you look into a power rack. If you are still not convinced, check out some of the various bodybuilding forums on the internet and ask the members what type of gym they have. If they are serious about lifting, nearly all of them will answer "Power Rack!" I really do not understand why more people don't own a power rack. I personally would never go without one. If you would like more information on power racks and where to purchase one cheap with free shipping, check out
Good luck in whatever you choose to do, but don't say nobody warned you! Power rack is definitely king.
Owner of and personal fitness instructor.

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