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Home Tanning Beds: A Good Alternative For Safe And Quick Tan
By Javier Fuller
Tanning happens is a craze that is growing with every passing day. Every day some new tanning products are introduced in the market. A lot of money is being spent in research and development to come Read more...

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How to Find the Best Home Base Business Opportunity
By Roger Osborne
There is a wide array of home businesses these days which individuals can get involved with and make a pretty good living at them as well. For those who are unsure as to what type of home base Read more...

Work Online and Complete Paid Surveys from Home – The New Job Trends
By Jhon smith
You might wonder why so many people around you resort to working from home and participating in paid programs online. Reality is that more and more people are recruited each year to participate in Read more...

Getting the Most Out of a Used Motor Home Sale
By H. Ong
A motor home is something every outdoor person must have. From camping to long drives, having a motor home is surely more convenient than setting up tents or renting rooms at roadside motels. But, as Read more...

means your primary or secondary residence.

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Home Security - Preventive Measures Against Burglaries
By Milos Pesic
Theft of valuables from due to carelessness is very common. Never take security for granted. If you make an effort to be secure, you will be protecting your family and your valuables much better.

Tips To Prevent Burglaries

•Securing doors and windows is extremely important. Many burglaries occur as vandals had easy access to the garage door where they worked unnoticed to gain entry into the house. Never leave your house, even for just a few minutes, without locking all doors and windows. Use dead bolts to improve security. A pet entrance is not advisable. Have wide angled viewer installed in the main door to check who is at the door.

•Do not leave an extra pair of keys hidden outside your house; instead, leave them with a neighbor or friend.

•Make sure all doors and windows, which are not within your view, are locked when you are at home.

•Fuse boxes and power sources have to be secured, to make it impossible for criminals to tamper with them.

•Have a good burglar alarm installed.

•Make sure you periodically check all security systems and have them serviced regularly.

•Keep your garden

trimmed ensuring an unobstructed view of your house from the road or your neighbors.

•If you have to deal with windows accessible from the fire escape be sure to check that the windows are hardy, tamper proof, and secure.

•Never leave a message in your answering machine, indicating you are away.

•Do not have predictable habits change your routine often.

•Get your self a sturdy safe to lock up all valuables and important documents.

•Keep your insurance up to date.

•Change all locks if you just moved into the house.

•Get a good private security monitoring system to enhance security.

•Do not leave ladders and other tools lying that can be used by vandals to gain entry into your home.

•Join a neighborhood watch program.

•Trim and maintain your garden, trees should not be used by criminals to gain entry into the upper floors of your home. Be sure that the branches are cut securing your home.

•In the event you lose a key, change the tumblers of all locks.

•It will be a great deterrent if you had a guard dog.

•Make sure your house number is lit and clearly visible to facilitate people who need to get to your in hurry find your easily.

•Secure skylights and roof taking precaution to prevent unauthorized entry through them.

If the above-mentioned basic security measures are carefully followed, securing your and sleeping peacefully will not be an issue any longer.
Milos Pesic is an expert in the field of Home Security and runs a highly popular and comprehensive Home Security web site. For more articles and resources on Home Security related topics, Home Security Equipment and Systems visit his site at:

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