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Want To Sell Your Home Faster? Try Home Staging!
By MarieBorges
Home staging tells homeowners how to prepare and market their home for sales in the real estate market. Professional home stagers are professionals that help you in preparing your home for sale. They Read more...

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What Home Spy Camera Do You Want?
By Dan Crane
Many regular homeowners want a spy camera to protect themselves from thieves and burglars. Another reason is that they may want to spy on some of their family members. Such homeowners usually do not Read more...

Work From Home with Predator Marketing System
By Matt Ellsworth
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE10/2/2006Work From Home with Predator Marketing System Predator Marketing System launched in early September 2006 and has been taking on Read more...

Setting Your Goals Higher With a Work at Home Business
By Jennifer Baker
Having a home business is both a personal and a professional challenge. A home business can extend your participation in the corporate world or your chosen field, or embark upon a new trade, talent, Read more...

A representative home, apartment, or office space used as part of a sales campaign to demonstrate the design, structure and appearance of units in a development.

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What is a Home Insurance Policy?
By Aditya Jaiswal
Are you looking for a insurance company in India? Do you want to get the best insurance rate? If yes, then you must first understand what exactly is an insurance policy and how it works. An insurance policy compensates you against the financial impact that can arise following loss, damage or destruction of your property or your health or life. A fundamental principle of insurance is to put you in the same financial position after a loss or accident that you enjoyed before the loss.

The insurance policy is a contract and like any contract contains clauses and conditions. Claims are settled in accordance with the conditions detailed in the policy. Insurance works on the principle that everyone is exposed to risks but they only affect a certain number of people at any one time. However, some risks occur with great frequency than others, and if they materialise they can have varying levels of impact. When you report a claim, the Insurance Company needs to check that the policy covers the loss. Once the appropriate documents are produced

to verify a claim called the process of settlement is quite fast.

These days there are many housing finance companies in India that offer insurance. The insurance rates differ from company to company based on the policies. The NRI insurance services are also quite different from what is available to Indian residents. The disasters that can be insured against are fire, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, tempests, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or inundation, lightning strike, explosion, landslides, impact by vehicles or aircraft, and bursting or overflowing of water tanks and pipes.

Home insurance covers almost all kinds of risks, from damages arising from terrorist attacks to breakdowns of water tanks. The choice is yours - if you think your is not going to be damaged by a terrorist attack, you don't need to cover it. In case you are living in a rented house, you can choose to insure only the contents. For most people, their is their single most valuable possession and their biggest investment. Homeowners insurance protects your investment as well as your family and your household possessions. If you suddenly lose your due to fire or natural disaster, or the contents are damaged or stolen, you will run into thousands to rebuild the house. Think about this. Remember buying insurance is simple. So go ahead and decide the best option for you.
Aditya Jaiswal, advisor of home loans for NRIs, is an associated editor with the site: > The site is an online portal to provide home loan advice on home loans in India including types of home loans in India, home loan interest rates in India provided by home loan providers in India.

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