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Keep Burglars Out With A Home Security System
By John Lenaghan
A home security system doesn't just keep your home and property safe, it also provides peace of mind. Statistics show that your home is three times more likely to be broken into if you have no Read more...

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Working From Home - What’s Best for You?
By Thomas Childs
Working From Home - What’s Best for You?Even the best home Internet business won’t prove successful for you if you don’t have the personality to work from home. A home Internet Read more...

How To Compare Home Loans
By Gary Gresham
When you decide to compare home loans, it can often be a confusing process. With numerous places to get a mortgage, how do you even know where to start? To compare home loans, most Read more...

Buy a Car By Using Your Home for Financing
By Charles Essmeier
New cars and trucks have become quite expensive over the years. Inflation only tells part of the story; a lot of the increase in price is due to technology. Air bags, antilock brakes, and computer Read more...

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Home Equity Line of Credit Loans – Are You Informed?
By Adam Boulton

Recently, a large number of lenders are coming forward to offer equity lines of credit. This is due to the gradual rise in the market value of homes. A equity line of credit allows the borrower to qualify for a considerable amount of credit that they can use at any given time and at a surprisingly low rate of interest. It sounds tempting, but when you are putting your on the line, you might want to know all about equity lines of credit before making such an important decision.

To simplify things, a equity line of credit may be compared to using a credit card where you would have an upper spending limit against which you can draw as necessary. However, the primary difference is that the credit the borrower uses in equity lines of credit is secured by the equity in their home. Also, since the debt is secured by the home, the borrower can also claim the interest they pay as a tax deduction, depending upon the tax law where they live and their certain situation.

A equity line of credit can be used to pay off large expenses such as medical bills, college tuition, etc. This is because the is often the largest asset and one does not want to put it on the line for minor expenses.

In a equity line of

credit, a person is entitled to receive a fixed amount of credit that is defined as a credit limit. Most lenders set the credit limit by taking a percentage of the home’s appraised value minus the balance to be paid on the existing mortgage.

In order to determine the actual credit limit, the lender will also take into consideration ones ability to repay the credit by assessing their income, financial obligations, debts and credit history.

There is a set period of time in equity lines of credit in which one may borrow money, for instance 15 years. They may be permitted to use the credit line up to the end of the grace period set by the lender. The owner can only borrow more money if their plan allows renewals.

Once approved for a equity line of credit, they will be able to borrow up to their credit limit. Generally, special checks can be used to draw money. A credit card can also be used. There are some requirements as to how people do this. For instance, one may not be allowed to borrow less that $300 at any one time and the borrower may also have to maintain a minimum outstanding balance. In other plans, the borrower may also need to have an initial advance once the line is set up.

When looking for a equity line of credit, try to find one that suits a specific situation the best. The borrower must read the credit agreement carefully and analyze the terms and conditions of various plans, including the APR, or the Annual Percentage Rate, and the cost of creating the plan. Once a comparison of these aspects from among various lenders has been completed, then the borrower can choose the type of plan and lender that is best.

If your looking to take out a Home Equity Loan to finance a home improvement project or to send your child through college you can find out more info at

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